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Looking for a fun activity for a group of friends, colleagues or members of a club? Introductory flight evenings at Cambridge Gliding Centre are a popular way to experience flight with instructors in the club’s two-seater aircraft. A friendly and relaxed evening with the fun and thrill of tasting flight and admiring the views across Cambridgeshire.

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What to expect

You will typically assemble at the airfield around 6pm and be given a short briefing on how to enjoy the evening safely. You will be escorted to the launch point where instructors will take each person flying. Flights will typically last 5-10 minutes, though longer flights in rising air have been known.

All the aircraft are dual-control, so you may be shown how the controls are operated by your qualified pilot or instructor.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is food available? Some organisers chose to have a barbecue, and some companies have even organised caterers. The club has kitchen facilities and various options are available. Please enquire for further details.
    Note: no alcohol may be consumed until after flying.
  • What should I wear? You don’t need any special equipment. Sensible shoes suitable for walking on an airfield, trousers and an extra layer as an exposed airfield often feels cooler.. A narrow-brimmed sunhat and sunglasses can be useful for keeping the sun out of the eyes.
  • Are there any restrictions? As long as you are under 103 kg for the balance of the glider, and large enough to be safely strapped in (usually over 14 years/5’), almost anybody may be flown. Please enquire if you have any medical conditions you are uncertain about; special provision will be made where possible.
  • How much does it cost?
    • Introductory flights – groups and casual visitors
      First flight £35.00; second flight £20.00
    • School groups (day time)
      First winch launch £20.00; second flight £17.00
    • Special package for school groups
      One winch + one 2000′ aerotow £90.00


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