Women’s Go Gliding Weekend – April 27th & 28th

The British Gliding Association is holding its first ever National Women Go Gliding weekend in 2024! This initiative is a partnership between the BGA, Women Gliding and the GoGliding campaign is the first of its kind. It hopes to encourage more women to try gliding and to show that it is an enjoyable and inclusive sport for everyone. Gliding clubs around the UK will be running events on the day, to get women into the air in gliders. At the Cambridge Gliding Club, we hope to get a record number of women in the air as possible on one weekend!  

Cambridge Gliding Club is proud to be part of the National Women’s Go Gliding Weekend initiative. We believe in providing more opportunities for women to experience the beauty of the world from a different perspective and to participate in a sport that is both challenging and rewarding. Join us and be part of this unforgettable experience!

Sign Up: Complete the form on our website and you will receive a confirmation email and instructions to pay a £25 deposit. The deposit will be subtracted from the cost of your flights on the day of the event. We will be in contact once payment has been received with more instructions about the schedule for the day itself!